Since 1958, BUFFOLI has been a European leader in the development of turnkey solutions for the machining of parts requiring precision turning operations and/or multi-sided machining processes. From blanks or bar stock, for your medium or high volume batch sizes, always with quick and reliable loading automation; Buffoli "technology with flexibility" is the solution for your manufacturing challenges. Production program: TURNING MACHINES, TRANSFER MACHINES, FLEXIBLE MACHINES. Range of applications: automotive, hydraulics & pneumatics, plumbing & sanitary, valves & faucets nuts, fittings & connectors, household appliances, defense & aerospace, medical, electronics, locks, etc...

The new OMNI-TURN is a totally new concept for machining precision parts requiring accurate and heavy turning operations. These machines combine rotating part and rotating tools, resulting in cycle time and productivity improvements of up to 300%. Since there is no need to split critical machining operations, part quality is improved. An OMNI-TURN combines a rotary table with several lathe units in an integrated machine. All the turning operations are carried out independently in the lathe units in one single clamping, thereby ensuring extremely tight concentricity tolerances and high quality surface finishes.


Producers of vertical and horizontal axis rotary table transfer machines. Three axes machining units (vertical, horizontal and inclined) mounted on 2 axesslides gives you 5 axes that permits you to position your working spindles where they need to be. And fast! Ideal for turning, milling, tapping, and drilling different products in small, medium or large quantities. Working directly from bar, forgings, blanks or partially finished workpieces our machines can be manually or automatically loaded. We also have a wide assortment of accessories that give you flexibility to increase your machining capacities

The base is made of high quality electro welded steel with differentiated inner stiffening ribs, then normalized and stress relieved to ensure stiffness and stability. The base is machined for maximum adaptability when used with the following components: No. 12 ISO 40 machining units, No. 7 customized machining units, No. 12 slides that give you two axes for positioning machining units. The machining units can be located at any station as required.


The Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machine comes as a complete turnkey system that characterizes the basic principle of the Hydromat machine concept - a modular design that is simple, flexible and efficient. The rotary machines are available in several
machine base sizes equipped with either 12 or 16 stations capable of machining bar stock, coil and blanks up to 1-3/4" in capacity.

The "engineered secondary machine," the 8-station standard model performs precision drilling, milling, tapping, cross drilling, broaching or back finishing of cold formed blanks, castings, forgings, die cast or screw machined blanks.


Jamieson Manufacturing Co. is a designer and manufacturer of special machinery for automation of all types of manufacturing operations.Specializing in design andbuild of rotary transfer machines,indexers and laser welding, cutting, engraving and marking systems to automate all types of manufacturing operations from drilling, reaming and milling to quality control and assembly.

Jamieson's latest development, the Rotamat 12, builds on the success of our Rotamat and SR type machines, which have been in our program for 27 years. Having always had a strong presence in secondary machining of screw machine parts as well as in the machining of castings, forgings and pressmetal parts, we are now increasing our emphasis on the machining of cylindrical parts from bar stock.


New performance, new potential, new technology, new look. The latest generation of PRECITRAME CNC rotary transfer machines is going to radically change your ideas about performnace and costs.Unprecedented productivity, adaptability and speed also competitive production costs and optimised investment. These advantages have been recognised in industries as demanding as watchmaking, aeronautical and automobile engineering, audiovisual, etc.

CNC engraving machines.


Our RV 20 CNC is the 'mother' of all WINEMA rotary indexing machines. Continuously further developed and in the latest state of art it offers ideal conditions for the rational and cost-saving machining of your big series. With its variable mounting it is especially well suited for the machining of workpieces having inclined faces or bores that lie outside of the customary machining levels. Our RV 20 CNC is appropriate for parts between about 3 mm until 30 mm diameter and 200 mm of length. On the 12 stations of the vertical indexing table a simultaneous machining is possible up to 12 horizontally or vertically arrayed units.

The new vertical rotary indexing machine RV 20 Flexmaster. This machine is not only made for the classical production of rotary indexing machines: high quantity production, but also for the production of smaller batches.